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Our design office offers our French customers and foreign
countries an optimized management and support
technical adapted to your project.

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— Project and engineering management

Because we pay particular attention to your needs, EMPENNAN is committed to providing you with a complete follow-up. Thus, we support you on the technical aspects as well as on the project management.

Our design office supports all stakeholders in the implementation and management of the planning, budget monitoring, external resource management, internal and customer communication, etc.

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Pressure equipment

Pressure equipment is one of EMPENNAN’s greatest skills. We assist you during the engineering and procurement phases for the design of pressure equipment, layout, mechanical and piping interfaces, and interface forces.

We manufacture and certify pressure equipment. Our team complies with the European directive PED 2014/68/EU – or the American ASME standard. For European rules, our design is based on the CODAP, CODETI and EN 13480 construction code.

We design Air, Nitrogen, CO2, Natural Gas or Hydrogen compatible assemblies to serve all our customers.

  • Relaxation
  • Backup valve
  • Skill improvement
  • Measurement of flow temperature, pressure
  • Two-phase fluid
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— Rotating machine

EMPENNAN designs and assembles rotating merchants according to specifications to meet your needs as closely as possible.

Equipment design :

  • Sizing of sub-components (starting system, pre-lubrication, preheating system, etc.)
  • Sizing and validation of the auxiliary system: heat exchangers, cooling system, air supply, etc.

Integration studies:

  • Structural validation studies
  • Validation of pipe interfaces
  • Vibration studies
  • Process impact
  • Power demand

Drafting of technical files:

  • Creation and writing of calculation notes, P&ID, GAD, PFD

Drafting of technical requisitions.

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— Design office expert in Structural Engineering

In partnership with EC2 Modélisation, EMPENNAN has developed a solid expertise in Digital Structural Simulation.

EMPENNAN supports its customers in their Research and Development efforts by providing their expertise in the following areas:

  • Static and dynamic construction technique
  • Stability of thin shells, beams and plates
  • Digital simulation of welds
  • Mechanics of failures
  • Cement based civil engineering and materials
  • Mechanical behaviour of structural materials
  • Heat transfer
  • Development of behavioural laws for new materials
  • Interaction of fluid structure
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— Does your company have tailor-made needs?

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